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    *we received journal cover
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    *we received journal cover for this article
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    *we received journal cover for this
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Book Chapters

  1. Title: Retinal Disorders: Genetic Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment Editors: Eric Pierce, Richard Masland, Joan Miller Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Press Chapter Title: Leber congenital amaurosis due to mutations in GUCY2D Author: Shannon E. Boye 2013
  2.  Title: A Guide to Human Gene Therapy Editors: Herzog and Zolotukhin Publisher: World Scientific Chapter Title: Retinal Diseases Authors: Shannon E Boye, Sanford L Boye, William W. Hauswirth 2009
  3. Title: Mouse Visual System Editors: Chalupa and Williams Publisher: MIT Press Chapter Title: AAV Gene Therapy in Mouse Models of Retinal Degeneration Authors: SE Boye , SL Boye, WW Hauswirth 2008
  4. Title: Regenerative Medicine Editors: Robert C. Fisher and Edward W. Scott Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Chapter Title: Retina Authors: Hilda Petrs-Silva, Shannon Boye and William W. Hauswirth

Collections Edited

  1. Frontiers in Neuroscience
    “Ocular Gene Therapy: From Basic Research to Translational Studies”
    Editors: Shannon E. Boye, Stylianos Michalakis, Simon Petersen-Jones, Hildegard Büning. Collection in process 2015-2017


  1. Sanford L. Boye and Shannon E. Boye. “Genetic Therapies for Inherited Retinal Disease”. Invited submission to ‘Retinal Physician’ magazine (peer reviewed). Published 5-1-15