Russell Mellen

Academic Titlerussell

Graduate Research Assistant

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phone: (352) 273-7413




Growing up in sunny southern California, Russell moved to Florida after receiving his Bachelors in Science in Biology from Azusa Pacific University in 2015.  During his time as an undergraduate, Russell worked in the lab of Dr. Charles Chen, studying the effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on the photosynthetic capacity of rice plants.  This research project took Russell out of California and around the world, as much of the project was conducted in Tsukubamirai, Japan.  It was during this time, while trudging through rice patties in the summer sun, that Russell realized that scientific research was where his passions lie.  Growing up, Russell was always acutely aware of the life-altering effects of genetic disorders, as the autosomal recessive disorder phenylketonuria runs in his family and affects his close relatives.  With his graduate studies looming, this led to Russell shifting his area of research focus to attempt to bring therapy to others who suffer from genetic disorders, ultimately culminating in Russell joining the Boye lab.  When not in lab Russell can be found exercising at Southwest Recreation Center or exploring Florida’s beaches.  Russell’s research focuses on CRISPR-Cas9 mediated knockout of dominant congenital diseases